About Us

Hey there! Welcome to our cozy corner in Oak Hills, California - the birthplace of Beautiful Chaos Candle Company. Here's the scoop: we saw how much everyone adored candles (seriously, who doesn't?) and thought, "Why not stir up a little candle chaos of our own?" And voilà, Beautiful Chaos was born!

This isn’t just any candle company; it's a family affair. I'm David, the chief candle-maker, and I’m joined by my awesome kids – Zach, Natalie, Sydney, Karlie – and my fantastic fiancée, Kelly, with her daughters Bailee and Taylor. Oh, and let's not forget Zoe, our corgi, who’s more of a mascot than a candle maker (but don't tell her that).

Our mission? Simple: to handcraft affordable, high-quality products that aren't just things – they're experiences. We're talking scented candles, wax melts, and room sprays that are as unique and delightful as a surprise pizza on a Monday night. Inspired by the rollercoaster of life, our creations capture those bustling, unforgettable moments and the special people who make them worth remembering.

Candle making here isn't just pouring wax into jars; it's an art form. Whether it's whipping up a custom scent that makes you say, “That’s so me!” or rolling out our tried-and-true favorites, we've got a knack for nailing that perfect aroma. Need something super personalized? We're on it! Custom labels for your Aunt Sally’s 60th birthday bash? Consider it done.

Community spirit? You betcha! We’re always on the lookout for fundraisers and local shindigs where we can contribute, adding that personal touch that only a family-run biz can.

Feedback is our jam. As a fresh-faced small business, every comment, suggestion, or story you share helps us grow and get better. So, bring it on! We’ve got a feedback form on our website just waiting for your thoughts. And our promise to you? 100% satisfaction – no ifs, ands, or burnt wicks.

Looking ahead, we're not just making candles; we're crafting experiences that the big stores just can’t match. Our aim? To create a candle-buying journey that's as memorable and personal as the candles we pour our hearts into.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the beautiful chaos with us!